Ceramic Bowls

A fascinating adventure awaits you as you enter into the world of ceramic bowls! Why? Because it is the world of plants, animals, patterns, and colours which decorate these remarkable dishes. Ceramic bowls can be used to serve appetizers and desserts which everybody will be eager to taste. Smaller bowls will serve perfectly for sauces, preserves, and spices.

Treat the choice of your stoneware bowl as a ritual. Do not hurry. Brew a nice cup of tea, sit down comfortably in your favourite armchair, and begin your exploration. It is best done at a time when your children are sound asleep, and your partner just started reading their favourite book. That way you will have this time fully to yourself and be able to blissfully immerse yourself in the world of artisanal handicraft. 

Why do we call an encounter with the world of ceramic bowls an exploration? Because this is not about a random choice but rather, a process of choosing an exceptional dish that will capture your heart and make you feel butterflies in your stomach! Perhaps some plant motif will remind you of the green meadows you used to run through, barefoot, when you were a child? Who knows what will happen in a moment…

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  Ceramic Bowls are Handmade

Our ceramic bowls are handmade, and handicraft has magic in it. The magic flows from the love with which these objects were created. As the pattern-designers adorn the stoneware dishes, they get completely engrossed in the process, paying acute attention to every little detail. Depending on the technique, they use stamps and paintbrushes to create their ornaments. Their way of work is similar to a meditation practice. 

  Ceramic Bowls are Durable

Ceramic bowls, apart from being unique, are also durable, resistant to high and low temperatures, and all-around functional. As opposed to porcelain, you can safely put them in the dishwasher. What makes the stoneware dishes durable is the special kind of clay they are made with as well as the fire which cures the material in the kiln. 

  Ceramic Bowls are Eco-friendly

The ceramic bowls found in our shop are ecological and environmentally friendly because they have been made from clay, a raw material. More importantly, our pottery does not contain lead or cadmium. Whether you’re serving soup, fruit, cereal, or your favourite salad, you can be sure that you are safe because our ceramic bowls have been made in harmony with nature. 

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