Special Edition

    The Special Edition Collection will capture your heart if you like rich patterns and colours. Nature is the main theme of this collection. The images adorning the handiwork are special because they transport you into the landscape of the Polish meadow. Polish countryside is an unlimited source of inspiration for the designers of the Special Edition Collection. The artisans paint these unique ornaments on the ceramic dishes by hand. In their work, they not only use stamps, but paintbrushes as well. Thanks to that, the images they create tell rich narratives, abundant with details that delight the eye.

    Special Edition (17)

    Mug 6oz

    $30.00 CAD

    Mug 8oz

    $35.00 CAD

    Mug 12oz

    $40.00 CAD

    Mug 17oz

    $50.00 CAD

    Bowl 15oz

    $45.00 CAD

    Inside Painted Bowl 15oz

    $60.00 CAD

    Bowl 24oz

    $65.00 CAD

    Inside Painted Bowl 24oz

    $85.00 CAD

    Sugar Bowl

    $55.00 CAD


    $135.00 CAD

    Breakfast Plate

    $45.00 CAD

    Dinner Plate

    $80.00 CAD

    Serving Board

    $70.00 CAD

    Serving Board

    $70.00 CAD

    Small Rectangular Baker

    $110.00 CAD

    Medium Rectangular Baker

    $190.00 CAD

    Large Rectangular Baker

    $230.00 CAD