Ceramic Teapots

A ceramic teapot can accompany you during your moments of relaxation, when you brew your favourite tea, sink in a soft armchair, and take a break from your daily chores. Having a date with oneself, if we allow it, can be a magical ritual. That moment we let ourselves be alone in our own presence, allows us to slow down, hear our thoughts, see, and, most importantly, feel what is meaningful to us.  

Ceramic handicraft assists us in this ritual of stillness — more so because the stoneware pottery from Poland is grounded in a concrete philosophy which can be put into words as: "every moment has beauty hidden within it — discover it and celebrate life!"

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  Handmade Ceramic Teapots 

Ceramic teapots are handmade. The creators of the handicraft first give it shape, then, depending on the technique, they paint the decorations with brushes or special stamps. Every image tells a different story. The creators work at a slow pace, in deep concentration, and their practice is reminiscent of meditation. If you entered the studio, you would sense the incredible calmness surrounding the designers as they work. 

The beauty of the ceramic teapots lies in the fact that each one is unique, even if decorated with the same pattern. That is the magic of handicraft. Moreover, the stoneware dishes express more than just the vision of their makers. 

Stoneware ceramics also tell the story of their future owners. Why? Because a handicraft is chosen with one's heart. Your choice is never random. The object that captured your eye has resonated with you for some reason and that means that it tells a part of your story as it moves something inside of you that feels familiar. 

  Ceramic Teapots are Durable

Ceramic teapots are unique. But there is something else that you should know about them. Ceramic teapots are durable. You can easily wash them in the dishwasher. The secret to the durability of ceramic vessels lies in the special kind of clay from which they are made. What also increases their resilience is the glazing as well as the high temperatures which cure the materials in the process of firing in the kiln. The marriage of beauty and functionality is what makes Polish Ceramics so distinct.

  Ceramic Teapots are Eco-friendly

Ceramic teapots are made with natural eco-friendly, raw material, which is clay. Regardless of how much of your favourite tea you'll drink during the day, you can be sure that the vessel in which you brew the tea is safe for your health. More importantly, the stoneware teapots found in our store do not contain lead or cadmium. The Polish handicraft joins beauty, functionality, and ecological safety — all are reasons as to why it is so precious and desirable. 

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