Anna Pasierbiewicz

    "My first attempts at creating decorative patterns involved color deposit glazings. Then I started making stamped patterns cut from a sponge. In 1988 I obtained a diploma of "Handicrafter Artist" awarded by the Commission of Artistic Opinions (Komisja Ocen Artystycznych) in Warsaw. The poor market offer and ideas hidden in me made me initiate in 1992 an auteur workshop of unique items. I was inspired not only by the need to create new patterns but also enrich the pattern-designing with stamping and painting combinations. Owing to this enterprise the Cooperative has recruited a number of lovers of unique decorations."
    The artist has been connected with the Artistic Handicraft Cooperative "Artistic Ceramics and Pottery" since 1970. Since 1992 she has been a pattern designer.

    Anna Pasierbiewicz (15)

    Jewelry Dish

    $28.00 CAD

    Mug 7oz

    $30.00 CAD

    Mug 12oz

    $36.00 CAD

    Mug 12oz

    $47.00 CAD

    Bowl 14oz

    $46.00 CAD

    Bowl 20oz

    $67.00 CAD

    Bowl 101oz

    $189.00 CAD

    Breakfast Plate

    $40.00 CAD

    Dinner Plate

    $62.00 CAD

    Small Rectangular Baker

    $70.00 CAD

    Small Christmas Tree Candle Holder

    $79.00 CAD

    Medium Christmas Tree Candle Holder

    $82.00 CAD

    Small Pet Bowl

    $78.00 CAD

    Large Pet Bowl

    $98.00 CAD

    Bowl 30oz

    $75.00 CAD