Pottery magic

Pottery has magic in it. Why? It comes from clay. Clay is a symbol of creativity. Many myths describe it to be the material out of which the first men, plants and animals came to be.
But it’s not just the material that is what makes pottery special. The reason ceramics are so valuable is because they have a soul. They’re not machine-made. They’re hand-crafted. Everything you find here was created thanks to the cooperation between teams of artists and artisans.

Pottery comes from nature. It is the meeting of three elements: earth, water and fire. Earth and water are the raw materials. Fire gives the objects color and durability. Human hearts and hands give them shape.

Every object is different and tells a unique story. Just like in life, no two are perfectly identical. Perfection is boring, and there is no room for boredom in the world of ceramics!

Behind the scenes at Ceramika Artystyczna

Bolesławiec is a charming, medieval, Polish town. It is famed for its centuries-long manufacture of artisanal ceramics. One might say it’s a town that’s been built on ceramics. The first stoneware pots were made here in the medieval ages. The potters of the olden day had a saying: “you could rely more on ceramics than on the fact there will be a tomorrow”.

When you enter the building where our ceramics are made, you are welcomed by a pleasant warmth. It comes from the furnaces in which the objects are fired. The high temperature, 2200 F, hardens the clay and brings out bright, vibrant hues of the glazes..

Just to the left is where the painting room is. It is here that the women and men apply the ornamental designs that were earlier created by the artists in their studios. The artisans work in focused silence. Their work reminiscent of meditation.

Every dot, every floral and animal motif is applied by hand, either with a brush or a small stamp. Each one tells a story of its creator.

The very base of the building is where the raw material for the pottery is made. Here you’ll find great vats filled with carefully excavated clay that is being processed. Ceramika Artystyczna follows its own secret recipe. This unique recipe is what makes the stoneware durable, so it can be enjoyed for many, many years! Most importantly, the clay is ecologically safe. With no toxins, it is friendly towards your health and the health of your loved ones.

The first and second floors provide space for mold making and the artists who design the shapes and ornamental patterns to give themselves over to the joys of creativity! At Ceramika Artystyczna the whole team works together.

What grabs you by the heart as you cross Ceramika Artystyczna’s doorstep are the people - kind, smiling, committed to their work. There is no rush here. Everything unfolds in its own time. Although a lot is going on, there is a pleasant sense of calm in the air. It’s a pity to leave.

The inherent attributes of Pottery

  • It is very durable: it is dishwasher, microwave, and oven-friendly
  • Every object is unique, lovingly made by hand
  • There are no perfect forms — there’s life in the variety
  • Ceramic objects give the joy of curating your own space It is entirely natural - it’s made of clay that has been excavated from the earth for many centuries.
  • It allows you to express what’s in your SOUL!

Every object you find here tells a story - perhaps it will allow you to discover your own.

Caring for your pottery

Following these guidelines will ensure that you will enjoy your beautiful stoneware for many years.

Allow a cold the stoneware to warm to room temperature before placing in the oven or microwave.

Do not place stoneware on direct heat (i.e. in the broiler, glass-ceramic cooktop, stovetop burners, an open flame, in a microwave or on browning element).

Hot stoneware should not be exposed to cold liquids or handled with wet cloths. Allow the pottery to return to room temperature before cleaning or adding liquids. This will also avoid burning one’s skin and potentially breaking the dish.

Always handle hot stoneware with proper heat-resistant oven mitts and trivets. Hot stoneware can cause burns to the skin or damage to tables if improperly handled.

Dishwasher – Microwave – Freezer – Oven Safe up to 480 F