Ceramic Bakeware

Imagine a Sunday morning. You lazily awaken, brew your favourite coffee and begin an important ritual — baking a loaf of homemade bread. There’s nothing more beautiful than a home filled with the smell of baking bread. That moment when you take your creation out of the oven and cut through the perfectly crispy crust, giving slices of it to your children, is just priceless. 

Store-bought bread will never taste as good as the bread you bake in your own kitchen. Why? Because what you make with your own hands has magic in it, since it’s made with your love. That is the primary ingredient in homemade bread. You may be aided in your morning ritual with ceramic baking forms. Why would you choose these? Because they have a lot in common with what you create in your kitchen. Just look and see.

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  Handmade Ceramic Baking Forms

What do you think connects ceramic baking forms with the bread you make? Stoneware baking dishes are handmade. Just as your bread — they are made with love, warmth, and passion. These forms are made when you, most likely, are getting ready to fall asleep. How is that possible? It is at that time that the artisans in Bolesławiec, Poland, are turning on the lights in their workshops, creating the forms and images that you later admire in the stoneware pieces. 

Ceramic bakeware, starting with their shape and ending on their decorations, are handmade. That is why you will not find two that are exactly alike. Every detail you will discover is important and tells a separate story. At times your eyes will enjoy plant-themed designs, graceful, colourful flowers, green blades of grass, and at other times the characteristic “peacock eyes”. You'll either be enchanted by energizing colours or by more subdued, muted tones and peaceful visuals. First look and then feel what it is that you desire. 

  Ceramic Bakeware is Durable

Ceramic baking pans are durable and adapted to high temperatures. After having baked your bread, cake, or muffins, you can safely put them in the dishwasher. The secret of the ceramic baking forms’ durability lies in the special kind of clay they’re made with. What also enhances their resilience is the layer of enamel and the high heat that cures the materials during the process of firing in the kiln. 

Ceramic baking forms are as beautiful, as they are durable. They will serve you for many, many years and you will bake countless loaves of bread in them. 

  Ceramic Baking Forms are Eco-friendly

Durability, originality, and beauty are not the only attributes of the ceramic baking forms. The handcrafted pieces you will find in our store have been made using a natural, raw material, which is clay. More importantly, our ceramic forms are safe for your health and the environment because they do not contain lead or cadmium. You can rest assured that the food you share is not only delicious but also healthy because it has been made in accordance with nature. 

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Small Rectangular Baker

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