Ceramic Chopstick Holders

      Sushi is delicious. Its very form pushes us to slow down and celebrate every moment spent at the table. You can savour this delicious dish while on a date with your partner when they take you to your favourite spot. Or you can get it delivered. What suits you best? If you prefer the second option, you might be interested in our beautiful ceramic chopstick holders. These handmade holders will make your meal even more enjoyable because tiny things made with heart hold great power and inspire us to celebrate life. 

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        Handmade Ceramic Chopstick Holders

      Ceramic chopstick holders are handmade. You will discover hand-painted blooming cherry blossoms or cerulean flowers, dynamically contrasting against a yellow background. Depending on the technique, the designers create their colourful images using paintbrushes or stamps. They worked on the tiniest detail with great focus. Handcrafting is reminiscent of a meditation practice. If you could peek into our artisan's painting workshop, you'd be enveloped in an atmosphere of soothing calm, even though the room is always abuzz with activity!

        Ceramic Chopstick Holders are Durable

      Distinctiveness is not the only attribute of the Polish handicraft. Thanks to a special type of clay these ceramic chopstick holders are also durable. What adds to their resilience is the layer of glaze and the high heat which helps the materials cure during the firing process. Furthermore, our ceramic chopstick holders possess another important advantage: they do not contain lead or cadmium, which makes them safe for your health. 

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      Chopsticks Holder

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      Chopsticks Holder

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      Chopsticks Holder

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