Ceramic Serving Boards

      Preparing meals for your family is a form of art that involves playfulness. Combining different flavours, colours, creating your own recipes, and testing them, makes your kitchen, right after your studio, the most creative room in the house! Preparing meals for your loved ones can be made even more fun if the tools you use happen to be unique and beautiful — a ceramic serving board for example. Just the sight of it will awaken your creativity and put you in a good mood, and a good mood guarantees good fun!

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        Ceramic Serving Boards are a Handicraft

      Our ceramic serving boards are little works of art because they have been made by hand. The images decorating them represent the world of nature. You'll encounter flowers, grasses, and the characteristic "peacock eyes". Our ceramic serving boards will make wonderful serving boards. You'll be able to serve cheeses, olives, and the bread you freshly baked on a Sunday morning. Whether you use them for a family breakfast or an intimate party, they will always fulfill their function. 

        Ceramic Serving Boards

      Ceramic serving boards are durable and will serve you for many years. The secret of their resilience lies in the special kind of clay used to make them, their glazing, and the high heat that cures the materials during the firing process. Their durability allows them to be washed in the dishwasher, making them easily available for everyday use. The durability of stoneware dishes has a concrete philosophy behind it. The creators of the Polish handicraft wanted people who have fallen in love with their ceramics to be able to enjoy their beauty in everyday life and not just on special occasions. 

        Ceramic Serving Boards are Eco-friendly

      To feel safe, you need to be certain that the dishes you use to serve meals for yourself and your loved ones do not contain any harmful substances. The handmade pieces found in our store will give you that certainty. Ceramic serving boards are ecological because they are made out of clay, which is a natural, raw material. More importantly, our pottery is environmentally safe as it does not contain lead or cadmium and has been created in harmony with the laws of Nature. If you value beauty, durability, and ecology, then our ceramic serving boards will fulfill your needs. 

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