Ceramic Mugs

      Imagine getting out of bed in the morning. The kids are still asleep. Your sweetheart buries them-self in the sheets and drifts back into slumber. You step into a pair of cozy slippers as you set off into the kitchen. You awaken more and more with each step. You are there. As you open up the cupboard you feel your face brake into an involuntary smile.

      Right in front of you stands your favourite mug. This mug accompanies you in your daily tea or coffee drinking ritual. You love that moment! That peaceful time, when the whole house is still sleeping and you slowly savour your favourite beverage. At that moment when you’re sipping on your favourite drink, steaming in your favourite mug, you feel you're ready to take on the new day!

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        Handmade Ceramic Mugs

      Ceramic mugs capture people’s hearts because they are handmade. The artisans use stamps or paintbrushes to paint their captivating designs. Their work is done in an atmosphere of great focus. Every little detail is important to them. As they paint, they seem to enter a state of meditation. The heart and commitment with which they decorate each piece are what makes the designs so diverse and enthralling. 

        Ceramic Mugs are Durable

      Ceramic mugs are durable as well as functional. As opposed to porcelain, you can put them in the dishwasher. The secret to stoneware ceramics' durability lies in the special kind of clay with which they are made. What also adds to their resilience is the process of firing and enamelling. The creators of Polish Pottery care that their handcraft meets beauty with functionality so it can be enjoyed by us every day.

        Ceramic Mugs are Eco-friendly

      Beauty and durability are not the only advantages of ceramic handcraft. Ceramic mugs are made with an eco-friendly material, which is clay. They are safe for you and the environment because they are free of lead and cadmium. Whether you use them to give your child juice, water, or hot chocolate you can be sure that it is safe for their health.


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