Ceramic Sugar Bowls

      The objects with which you surround yourself influence your mood. Sometimes even a tiny beautiful trinket can make you feel deep joy. This trinket, which will adorn your home and bring positive energy into your space, could be a ceramic sugar bowl. Why? Because this stoneware vessel is not just an ordinary container to keep sugar in. Our ceramic sugar bowls are handmade. Each design you will encounter has been created with passion by its maker. 

      The sugar bowls you'll discover in our store are being made when you are most likely sound asleep or getting ready for work if you are not a typical night-owl. It is then, in Bolesławiec, Poland, that the artists and hand-crafters proceed to their workshops and painting studios to work in deep concentration making these little works of art. Their work is akin to a meditation practice. First, they give the vessels shape, then, depending on the technique required, they either use stamps or brushes, or both, to decorate the ceramics with beautiful designs. 

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        Ceramic Sugar Bowls are Durable

      Do you know what is so great about ceramics? It's that the stoneware dishes are as beautiful as they are functional. What does that mean in a practical sense? It means that our ceramic sugar bowls are durable. You can go ahead and put them in the dishwasher. The secret to their resilience lies in the special kind of clay they're made of. What also impacts their durability is their glazing, as well as the high heat which helps cure the materials during the firing process. 

        Ceramic Sugar Bowls are Eco-friendly

      Distinctiveness, good energy, and durability are not the only attributes of our ceramic sugar bowls. Ceramic sugar bowls are ecologically-friendly, safe for your health and for the environment. Why? Because they are made of clay which is a naturally occurring raw material. More importantly, the stoneware objects found in our store, do not contain lead or cadmium. Those who are aware that the conscious choice of the objects they buy adds to the preservation of nature will often be drawn to stoneware ceramics. 

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